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Blue Mountain is a musical and pictorial journey of beautiful soundscapes and fantastic nature that leads to a peaceful contemplation.

An exploratory audiovisual landscape approached through virtual reality technology. Each element that conform the virtual environment has a certain pictorial-musical representation. Depending on which path the user takes, the sound environment is modified as it moves through space. 



The image design of Blue Mountain is based on the Low Poly aesthetics. You can find in space from abstract figures to organic figures that are related to forms of nature, always using geometry and flat figures as a starting point. The use of fragmentation as a structural concept is the key to generate the visual aspect. The sky and the other objects that compose the space are designed under this logic. 



Electroacoustic and digital sonorities, the use of processed everyday objects are the elements that configure the sound structure of the map.

The central sense by which the landscape sounds is its apparent non-referentiality, the idea that the user does not know to which source each one corresponds. Precisely, sound aesthetics aim to lose that trace of the mundane referential and to meddle fully in a universe that is disconnected from our daily environment. 

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